Hints for Healthy Meals in a Hurry- Waterford Area

We all say that we want to eat healthy, but if you are truly honest with yourself, you will say “I want to eat healthy ~when it is convenient for me~”.

Face it: sticking to a healthy diet can seem too time consuming for our fast paced lives, and many times- just too expensive- these factors are an inconvenience. Finding the time to prep your meals is never a desirable solution, as the cleaning involves almost as much effort as the cooking did. Anything on the fast and “convenient” side of the food spectrum is far too greasy and fatty for regular consumption.

Luckily in the Waterford area, there are many hidden gems when it comes to quick, healthy, CONVENIENT food.

Here we will dive into some of our top healthy, convenient options so you can order food guilt-free from the office. We will also be going over some hints to keep the meals from becoming unhealthy.


Choice #1- La Marsa Cuisine:

Here is a good example of quick and healthy food when you are around Waterford. They have lunch specials that compare price-wise to fast food- however this food is extremely healthy in comparison. They also tend to keep the order prep time quick- you can order their delicious food online and they even deliver in roughly 45 minutes or less!

LA marsa delivers 1.png

The option we tend to stick to is on the lunch menu- the “Pick two” for $6.99. Here you can choose from a variety of healthy wraps to pair with your choice of a salad- all for only $6.99! This is the way to stay healthy on a budget. You get a decent spread with the meal as well.

Our two choices below were a chicken shawarma sandwich, with a fattoush salad!

Hint #1 – DO NOT Eat the bread!

See that delicious looking bread? You will have to learn to let it go. Ask for this meal with no bread on the side- it is an unnecessary filler.



Choice #2- Bronx deli

We recently took a trip to Bronx deli to sample some of their food- as you can see below it all looked absolutely magnificent.

When people think of healthy restaurants, The Bronx Deli is not immediately at the top of their list. Believe it or not, The Bronx Deli has some of the best salads and healthy food options in the Waterford area.

They chop and mix their salads in dressing for you when you order carryout, and they only use the freshest ingredients. The peppers in their Greek salads were surprisingly delicious, and their olives did not have pits, a huge plus. Their Caesar salad is also amazing. With their salads you will not just feel like you are eating a pile of cheap, thrown together romaine. A great, fast option for in-store or carryout!

Hint #2 – DO NOT douse your salad in dressing.

Moderation people! The salad is still good if you can see some green in it, we promise.



So we know Bronx can be healthy, but are they convenient as well?


The Bronx Deli is always quick in making your food when you call in or order online! They also deliver in typically 45 minutes or less! perfect for anyone stuck in the office.




In the end, we will all continue to order what is convenient and affordable for us when it comes to lunch. Hopefully these fast and low cost options can make a difference for all the busy- bodies of Waterford!


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