5 Waterford Restaurants that Started Delivering Food in 2018!

Car in the shop? Stuck waiting somewhere with no way of leaving to get food? Maybe you are hungry and do not want to lose your place in the incredibly long line you happen to find yourself in. No matter the reason,  you either can not get to a car, or should not be operating a vehicle and you are hungry- so what do you do? You order food to be delivered. Although, lets face it, it is mostly because none of us want to deal with going to get food ourselves. I do not have time for this.

It is always useful to know what restaurants are delivering by you, it will most likely be pizza or subs. It is the most exciting when a restaurant whose cuisine does not typically offer the feature starts to deliver. Thanks to third party delivery services , we are seeing more and more restaurants offering delivery via these services. Here are 5 restaurants that recently started delivering in Waterford Michigan via the local third party delivery service SnappyEats. 


Most restaurants in Waterford started delivering this year, however these heavy hitters seem to be the talk of the town! To see a complete list of restaurants that deliver in Waterford, Click Here.


5 – Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Delivery


That’s right citizens of Waterford, you do not have to leave work on a time crunch to get one of these addicting smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Dixie highway- they offer delivery now!

Surprisingly, the smoothies stay cold and bagged up tight in a thermal bag!

4 – La Marsa Cuisine

La Marsa Mediterranean Food- Shawarma


Feeling like Mediterranean tonight? Little known fact- within this past year La Marsa on Pontiac Lake Road has started delivering 7 days a week! You can order today from their website. They offer a variety of healthy options on their menu if that’s your taste!


3 – The Original Buscemi’s Pizza

Detroit style poll 2.png


This Detroit-based gem has grown to over 50 locations over the past 65 years! Believe it or not, they only RECENTLY started delivering. From Detroit-style Pizza’s, to their famous Subs, get it all delivered! They also double as party stores, so you can ultimately get food + party supplies all from the same place! This pick made our staff extra hungry! 😋


2 – Irish Tavern

Blog Post.png


Fan of their famous Boxty’s? How about those burgers? Irish Tavern delivers! More and more people decide to order delivery from restaurants like these due to the fact that they are just sick of ordering the same type of food, all the time, for delivery.


1 – Jersey Mikes



This one has been the non-stop talk of Waterford since they started delivering this year. You can order anything off of their full menu, pay online, and have the food delivered to your home or office in a snap!

Most restaurants in Waterford started delivering this year, however these heavy hitters seem to be the talk of the town! To see a complete list of restaurants that deliver in Waterford, Click Here.




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